Cloud Migration and Deployment

Canditude assists developers in migrating and deploying existing applications to the cloud, allowing them to take advantage of the rich ecosystem of cloud native technologies.

Infrastructure As Code

We use scripted code to architect, configure, and automate servers, networks, containers, and applications, ensuring consistent, flexible, and repeatable deployments.

Automated Testing

Canditude guides developers in planning and implementing automated test suites for applications and APIs, helping to ensure that functional software reaches your customers.

Continuous Delivery

Do you want your developers to be able to deliver software on a continuous basis? We design and build automated software delivery pipelines that are tailored to your development workflows.

Cybersecurity Controls

Online threats are ever present, putting your customer data and company secrets at risk. Canditude can help you implement cybersecurity controls from standards such as ISO 27001 to secure your intellectual property.

Cloud Native Design

Do you want to create a new product that can be scaled to thousands or millions of users? Canditude can advice you how to use cloud native technologies like serverless from the ground up.

Technology Tool Belt

Bring Clarity and Collaboration to your DevOps

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Why Choose Us

Our Strengths and Values Drive our Focus to Help you Succeed

As an Australian company, Canditude strives to uphold values we believe are imperitive to drive long term growth and success for our customers and partners.

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    Personalised Service

    Every business traverses a unique path and your's is no different. Canditude is here to listen and learn about your journey, and help you achieve your goals, as you pave the way forward. We understand the WHY, the WHEN and the HOW of balancing technology and process at each leg of this journey.

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    Detail Oriented

    Details matter, most of the time. We pride ourselves in knowing when it's important to focus on details and when we should stand back and think about the big picture.

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    Leverage Latest Innovations

    DevOps and the cloud are emerging areas, containing a rich ecosystem of tools, which are also changing the nature of developing software. Canditude does the hard work to learn how to utlize the latest innovations, so your business can stay ahead of the technology curve and the competition.

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    Long Term Partnership

    Having a deep understanding of your business and supporting your long term goals can help minimise your technical debt during your cloud journey. Canditude is commited to helping you along the way.

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    Openness and Transparency

    Honesty and integrity are a BIG part of Canditude's DNA. We believe that open transparent communication is a fundamental pillar in any successful and long standing business relationship. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards while working with our customers and partners.

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    Every action has a cost, whether it be up front or hidden. We understand the importance of making impactful decisions that give the best return on investment (ROI), while minimising technical debt.

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    We are all humans beings deserving empathy, especially during times of change. Canditude works closely with your developers to accelerate their productivity while also helping them manage change.

Our Values

We are driven to help your business succeed in the cloud

Canditude, short for "Can Do Attitude," represents our unwavering commitment to assisting your business's success in the cloud.
We are passionate about supporting engineering teams in attaining greater, more reliable cloud-based applications.
With over 15 years of experience in helping engineers innovate faster, we are a team of engineers with a strong focus on everything DevOps.

Our Story

Our story begins with an observation. Many Australian and New Zealand businesses hire over-sized technology teams that end up performing tasks that add no inherent value to the company's core competencies.

While their contributions towards the business are important, the skills developed in-house can be easily outsourced and transferred to the right type of partner. A partner who offers DevOps as a service, whilst also facilitating deep collaboration and consistency between different product development teams all through the organisation. Canditude's vision and mission is to be the best DevOps service partner in Australia.

Why Cloud?

What are the benefits of migrating to the Cloud?

There are plenty of reasons to migrate and deploy your applications into the cloud.

Agility to Innovate and Adapt

The cloud is a rich ecosystem of innovative tools that enable businesses to quickly build new features that scale and adapt to changing customer needs, without breaking the bank.

Scaling to Business needs

The on-demand nature of the cloud enables you to scale up or down, quickly adding or removing technology, in tune with your business needs.

Global Reach

Public cloud services run on data centers in many corners of the world, enabling you to extend your products to other markets quickly.

Employee Focus

Your technical staff can focus on your core competencies that are important to your business. Cloud and DevOps skills are easily outsourced and transferrable to companies such as Canditude.

Forecast Operational Costs

With a little bit of guidance from Canditude, operational costs in the cloud can easily to controlled, minimised and forecasted.

Vendor Agnostic

Using cloud native, cross-platform tools, it has never been easier to make use of the multi-cloud approach, reducing the risks that come with relying on any one single vendor.