Automated Test

Software Quality is Critical to a Satisfying Customer Experience

Customer churn is a problem faced by many business today. Unhappy customers are likely to take their wallet elsewhere, should your product not function or perform as expected.

Testing software is critical to ensure any code deployed into your product is production ready, meeting your customer's every expectation. This is particularly true for new product features that get continuously iterated upon and improved on.

New features may not work always properly to begin with. They also run the risk of breaking older features. Unit testing by your developers will only catch the most basic of errors.

Canditude is the perfect partner to help you design, develop and deploy fully automated test systems, so you can focus on innovating your products and get to market faster.

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What can Canditude do for you?

We focus on Test and DevOps so you can focus on your Product

Why Choose Us

Our Strengths and Values Drive our Focus to Help you Succeed

As an Australian company, Canditude strives to uphold values we believe is mandatory to drive long term growth and success for our customers and partners.

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    Personalised Service

    Every business traverses a unique path and your's is no different. Canditude is here to listen and learn about your journey, and help you achieve your goals, as you pave the way forward. We understand the WHY, the WHEN and the HOW of balancing technology and process at each leg of this journey.

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    Detail Oriented

    Details matter, most of the time. Especially when it comes to building high quality products. We pride ourselves in knowing when it's important to focus on details and when we should stand back and think about the big picture.

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    Leverage Latest Innovations

    DevOps and the cloud are emerging areas, containing a rich ecosystem of tools, which are also change the nature of software testing. Canditude does the hard work to learn how to utlize the latest innovations in automated test, so your business can stay ahead of the technology curve and the competition.

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    Long Term Partnership

    Understanding and supporting your long term goals can help you minimise your technical debt during your cloud journey. Canditude is commited to helping you along the way.

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    Openness and Transparency

    Honesty and integrity are part of Canditude's DNA. We believe that open transparent communication is a fundamental pillar in any successful and long standing business relationship. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards while working with our customers and partners.

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    Every action has a cost, whether it be up front or hidden. We understand the importance of making impactful decisions that give the best return on investment (ROI), while minimising technical debt.

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